eLearning Courses

We offer complimentary OnDemand eLearning courses for all registered users. Below is a list of the courses that we recommend you complete. They are organised by categories to help you find what course you need: Please simply login on the top menu bar (right) to access the online modules
Category Class NowInfinity
Onboarding Courses: Helps you learn how to configure settings to make the most of the application and getting your users ready on the system. Typically for your practise/office manager,  senior accountant or senior adminstrator when you first start using the system. x x
Getting Started: Introduction to the Class system, Processing, Reporting, Managing investments, and Members, Pensions and asset segregation for SMSFs. Typically for accountants and administrators that will perform the bulk of the processing on the system x
Specialty Courses: Helps you improve your automation and specialist processing and includes an Introduction to Class for SMSF Auditors. Typically for some the want to improve their efficiency in processing specialist items, or responsible to manage data feeds for the organisation. x