Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways – Tailored for your role 

Choose a learning pathway that is suited to your role in Class. If you are assigned multiple roles, go through each applicable learning pathway one-by-one.

Note: Please “Log In” using the option in the upper right before selecting a role.


Access Controller

As Access Controller you will establish your practice in Class. We will guide you through this pathway using a combination of emails, videos, user guide articles and online courses. We will take you through these four activities where you will learn to invite users, assign roles and configure business settings, and set up reports.

Transition Administrator

As the Transition Administrator you run the transition project. You prepare your clients’ funds for loading. You will need to learn the Transition Management System (TMS), review & understand the data requirements & prioritise the order of the funds you want to transition.

Feeds Administrator

As Feeds Administrator you will be required to obtain data feed authorities from your clients and ensure the feeds are activated. 

Funds Administrator

As Fund Administrator you do most of the fund processing in Class. To do this you manage investments, corporate actions, set up transaction rules, match transaction, prepare workpapers for audit and prepare for lodgment. 

Fund Tax Agent

As Fund Tax Agent you sign off on all fund financials and their compliance with practice policies and legislation.

Fund Auditor

As the third-party Fund Auditor, generally you are responsible for reviewing fund compliance.